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November 11, 2008

Meeting Women Through Personals

Women that run personal ads get piles of responses. If you're going to try to meet women with personals, you should get good at it and stay current with them. Contact women as soon as their ads are listed. This way you'll be one of the first to interact with them when the ad is posted. Here's why it's important. If you are the 72nd guy to respond to her classified you risk her already having hooked up with one or more of numbers 1-71 and there is also the chance that she might be frustrated by the horde of clumsy "nicers" that preceded you, souring her on the whole idea of meeting great guys with classifieds. At some point, all the men that are responding to a woman's personal ad will run together into a heap of desperate men. Get involved with her before she becomes jaded with the entire process. Next, and probably more important than anything else, DON'T respond to a woman's personal by analyzing it and using her criteria to pattern your response thinking that you can sell yourself as a perfect image of the guy she's looking for. First of all, that's herd-think. Every guy that responds to her ad will be trying that. She will be getting an avalanche of responses tailored point-by-point to what she asked for in her personal ad. Secondly, what you won't read in any of these ads is what makes her feel ATTRACTION for a man. All that her personal ad will tell you is what she has been conditioned to think of as the ideal characteristics for a guy. She's never met this guy she's describing. It's only a notion for her. She's describing NICE! You know where NICE puts you. She doesn't realize that if this guy ever shows up, he'll bore the hell out of her. So, forget about trying to be the prince she is seeking in the ad. You can't measure up and you don't want to! With the proper MACKing philosophy, skills and strategies your task will be to show her that she doesn't want the prince either. Think about it. After being bored with all the guys she knows, this woman sat down and decided to put a personal ad online and describe the Prince Charming she THOUGHT would make her happy. "I'd like to be great friends first with a guy and eventually settle down with someone that respects me as a person and an equal." "I believe that the best relationships are based on friendship..." "My ideal match is a man of good character, high morals and loyal. He is thoughtful, considerate and knows how to treat a lady." Most guys write back ... "Hi, I'm a stable single guy who has a sense of humor, high morals, is honest, and believes that friendship is the foundation for a loving relationship." You KNOW that's how it is going to go down. But all those "princely" characteristics don't change anything about what is going to get her attention and make her feel ATTRACTION. Do you see why you should not try to figure out how to answer these personal ads with herd-think responses tailored to match her requirements? Don't do it. Ignore the ad details. Do NOT try to please her saying what you think she wants to hear. Here's what you know: When a woman is writing a PERSONAL ad, she's usually at a point in her life where she's down. Maybe she's been disappointed by or hurt in a recent relationship. She's looking for somebody different that can bring some fun and excitement into her life. So what do you do? I suggest a new twist of what I gave you already. 1) Tease her a bit, gently. Maybe something like "I can't trust your honesty in a PERSONAL AD. I need to know what kind of person you are." 2) Roll into a "remote" MACK Profiling explaining only the hows and whys (see for MACK Profiling, one of the MACKnificient Strategies). 3) Suggest you meet for a cup of tea where you will explain her responses and tell her things about herself that even her friends don't know. 4) Promise her a "unique" and fun meeting in a safe setting with a lot of people. 5) Tell her the results of your meeting will be that you'll either pass like two ships in the night or maybe begin a lifelong journey together. She will be waiting with great anticipation for this very special guy that says he can look into her inner being. And if you really want to be prepared to dazzle her why not learn the MACK Predicting Strategy. She won't be able to forget you. To find out more about the MACKnificent Strategies and the Memorable MACKing philosophy, visit Women won't be able to forget you.


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