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October 7, 2008

Learn to Kiss a Girl - 2 Easy Methods For Initiating a Kiss!

The first time I made out with a girl was in kindergarten, and I didn't need to use a line or tactic. I didn't need to learn to kiss a girl, I already knew how. Isn't it funny the way society messes us up in the head? It turns something so natural and easy, that a five year old can do it, into something that causes many men a lot of anxiety. Let's fix that. So, you've been talking with a girl for a bit and you can tell she's really interested. You want to escalate the interaction by kissing. How can you go about this? There are a few techniques which are really great. These are the gems, and the only two that I would personally bother to use. The first way you can learn to kiss is by using the eye contact kiss. This technique is so cliché you'd think it comes out of a movie, but man it works! Deep eye contact along with silence can initiate a kiss every time. A quick note on eye contact: There is a very powerful way to make deep eye contact with people that will make them feel as if your eyes are amazingly penetrating and that you are really seeing into their soul. When looking into someone's eyes, picture in your mind's eye a stream of energy coming out of their eyes and into yours. It can be any color, but I find pink or red creates the most sexuality with this technique. They will feel as if they can't look away from you, as well as very attracted and turned on. So, this is a great technique to use when trying to kiss a girl in this manner. Simply turn up the eye contact and turn down the conversation. You should quickly glance down at her lips and then back up to her eyes a few times. She will get the picture. Then just lean in and kiss. I've only had this fail a few times. It was always because the girl was not comfortable with being seen in public kissing. Maybe she had a boyfriend, but if you feel the chick is into you this is a surefire way to elevate to the next level. The first time you use this you will wonder why you ever had to learn to kiss a girl in the first place. It really comes so naturally after the first few times. Not everyone will become a natural right away. Sometimes it takes a few success to help you feel great about yourself and erase any negative social conditioning you may have. Because of this, I have another method you can use to learn to kiss a girl. "Do you want to kiss me?" This one is a classic. A famous pick up artist named Mystery wrote about this in his groundbreaking e book "The Venusian Arts Handbook." Take a small pause in conversation and simply say "Do you want to kiss me?". Notice how you are framing it. Does SHE want to kiss YOU. Not, "can I kiss you" or "would it be okay if I kissed you?" Big difference, you'll see why. This can be done with zero anxiety because of contingencies you can easily use. If she says yes, obviously you lean in and kiss. You get this about 10% of the time. It takes a confident girl to state her intentions. If she says ANYTHING other then a clear No, you can say something along the lines of "Let's find out" and lean in for the kiss. Something like "well umm" or "I don't know" just immediately say "lets find out" and lean in. If she says a clear No, then you can say something along the lines of "Well, I didn't say you could. But, it looked like you had something on your mind." I would throw out a smirk or grin here and then you just continue the conversation and interaction. In this way, you are framing her as the devilish one who seemed like she was thinking about kissing you. Also, you exude confidence. Where most men will feel "shot down" or "rejected" by a No, you flip the script and are unaffected and non-reactive. She is now more attracted and most likely would not say no to this question again. Remember that it is crucial to continue the interaction if she says no. Otherwise, even if you don't show it, she will know she affected you're state and got to you in some way. This shows that your confidence and mental image of yourself is weak, and she is now in the controlling seat of the interaction. Very unattractive. These two techniques will be all you need to learn to kiss a girl. Honestly, once your confidence level has increased and your eye contact has greatly improved, talking or knowing what to say will become almost completely unnecessary. You will feel when it is the right time, and act on it. Now that you have the knowledge you need to learn to kiss, there are a few "kissing rules" that will help you keep the interaction flowing well. On the first kiss, especially out at a club, you should always break it first. Leave her wanting more. It will set you apart from probably every other man she has ever kissed. If you have taken her somewhere private for a little smooch, break the kiss first and go return to your friends at the bar. She WILL want to kiss you again. Besides, if a first kiss transitions into a make out, and your not at the point in the night where you can go somewhere to escalate, what is the point? Unnecessary arousal early in the night can just become a problem. Save the mystery and intrigue for later when you are alone with each other. You can learn to kiss in just one night by practicing these techniques. Get your confidence up and don't be afraid to go for it! Refer to my other post on how nothing is a big deal, and rate a kiss rejection on your scale of 1 to 10. Not as scary as it seemed before! It seems like the only men who succeed in the dating game these days know something you don't. 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