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July 4, 2008

How to Choose the Right Location for Your First Date

First dates are traditionally nerve-wracking. You've been wanting to go out with this person for the longest time and suddenly it's happening and you can't think of anything that you could talk about with them. This is a situation that too many couples find themselves in, especially if they have chosen the age old idea of having supper in some fancy restaurant as their first date. The atmosphere is stilted, both people feel a little awkward and unsure of themselves, and often there is no second date simply because no contact was made during the first date. There are however some easy steps to avoid this: 1. Choose a location for your first date where you are both likely to feel comfortable. It could be that you want to give yourself an edge by being on home turf and choosing somewhere that you are already very familiar with. That's great for you. But consider how your date is going to feel. Is this place somewhere they are likely to relax in and enjoy themselves? If not, then you aren't going to get a chance to really get to know them. 2. What interests do you have in common? Instead of sticking to a supper restaurant date, consider doing something different. For example, if you are both sporty, why not try an activity date. This could spell disaster if you are both competitive, but if you choose an activity that neither of you has tried before, then you should both have a great time laughing at your own mistakes and not worrying about whether or not your hair's still looking perfect. 3. Consider a shorter first date where you don't have the awkward pauses between courses that you would in a restaurant setting. Why not meet for coffee? Or lunch? These are relatively short social settings and will allow you to get a glimpse of who your dating and see if you want to know more, or whether you've seen enough. If lunch places are too crowded, how about a picnic lunch? Make sure you check out any allergies/food dislikes in advance and then fix up a small picnic that you can enjoy together in a nearby park. 4. Being a first date doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be alone together. Meet up with mutual friends and turn it into a social event, perhaps a trip to the cinema. Once the ice is broken, then you could agree to leave the group and spend some time along together. The interaction you had with your other friends will give you a good conversation foundation on which to start talking to each other. First dates are tricky, but with a little planning they can turn out to be far better than you expected, and should lead to a second date! <h1> </h1> Edward Bennett Dating trail the UK independ listing for single and dating events.


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