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September 18, 2008

Dating Tips For Women - 7 Easy, Seductive Body Language Moves That Make Any Men's Knees Go Weak

These are a few ways you can catch the attention of any man you are keen on and they are really easy! 1) When he is talking, give him your full attention. You can probably lean slightly towards him as well. Smile and nod at times to show that you are listening. Even if he is talking to a few people, he will notice how attentive and interested you are in what he is saying. 2) Look into his eyes when talking to him. Do not be afraid of eye contact, but draw the line at staring as that will make him feel uncomfortable! Instead linger your gaze for a second longer than usual at times when you talk to him, and then look away at another part of his face. This flirtatious move is meant to show him that you are attracted to him and creates a moment of intimacy between the both of you at that instant. 3) When you are both sitting opposite each other, toss your hair and play with it gently. Touch yourself subtly on the face, neck, chest, arms, etc. This is meant to make him notice you more and is a very obvious way of telling him that you are hoping he will make the next move! 4) Touch him intentionally sometimes, but make it look unintentional. You can touch his hand or arm for a second when you are speaking or gesturing a point. Make it quick, gentle and casual so that he does not feel its obtrusive. Men will always notice women who touch them, especially if it's the first few times, as they will be surprised at how comfortable you are with them. Grab his arm when you are crossing the road with him and let go when you reach the other side. It will excite him and end so fast that he has no time to react! 5) Wear outfits that reveal a bit more skin when you are out with him especially. Men are visual creatures and they feel flattered if you bother to dress up for them. Sexy does not mean distasteful though. Stop short of wearing clothes which makes you look like someone from a red-light district! You can show more skin with a low back top, a shorter skirt or heels with peeping toes. Be creative and not cheap! 6) Whisper to him at times. This works especially well in places where it is noisy. When you want to tell him something, ask him to get close to you and whisper into his ear. As you speak, the warm air you breathe creates such an intimate moment between the both of you. It is a very powerful and easy way to get his adrenalin pumping! 7) Look at him and be obvious about it. Of course, there are many places you can look at; I'm not referring to where you might be thinking! The best way you can check him out is to sweep your gaze across his body. The trick is to get him to notice that you are looking while talking, but return your attention to his face quickly and continue your conversation like it never happened. I'm sure he is dying to ask what you might be looking at, and this is because he is really flattered at you checking him out! Well, these seductive moves work almost on any men, if they are intelligent enough to read your message. Try them out on the man you are attracted to now. If he has no idea why you are doing all these, maybe its time you give him a miss and move on to someone else! Good luck. Discover how you can attract, mesmerize and seduce your man with the Recommended resources at!


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