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September 29, 2008

Why Women Dump Men - 3 Very Good Reasons And A Hot Tip

Having been on the receiving end in the past and having just witnessed my unfortunate twin brother getting 'dumped', at the ripe age of 40, will some of us ever learn why women dump men? Or are we doomed to forever try and unravel this great mystery in the hope of one day steering joyfully through calm, clear waters as some lucky ladys faithful partner. I would strongly suggest that the reasons why women dump men are not what most men would expect. Reason number 1: A woman deserves to be appreciated for the delightfully loyal and passionate partner she is. Men must never become complacent in the relationship and stop showing their partner just how valuable they are. Even just the little things we so easily get out of the habit of, appreciating her input to our important project for example, allowing her to relax while we make her a hot drink. It's so cliche to say 'she's so high maintenance' without stopping and looking at the simple fact that we just need to show our ladies some appreciation. 'High maintenance' will instantly change to happy and confident in the fact that their love for you is being reciprocated. A lack of appreciation is a common reason why women dump men. Reason number 2: If you forget to let her know that you need her and want her she will feel insignificant. So in contrast to the first reason (nobody said this was easy!) you must also allow your partner to do things for you, to spoil you and show you that she is interested. Never dismiss or take for granted all the chores and day to day tasks that your partner performs. Make sure she knows you value her contribution to the relationship and the partnership the two of you have. Reason number 3: You have simply drifted apart allowing those common interests and the spark that set the two of you alight in the beginning to fade. Make sure, especially if you have been together for a while that you take some time to think about the magic that brought you together. Keep the spark alive, think back to all the positive elements from when you first met. You don't have to let all that amazing energy fade out. It's too easy to become lazy and complacent as time passes. This is another simple reason why women dump men. You and your partner shared common interests and desires, music, hobbies, lifestyle and more that can easily be revisited with just a little effort. Write a list together of all the positives in your relationship, both active and neglected! Then make it your goal to act upon these common elements to bring the two of you together again. Now for a red hot tip that will make you instantly attractive to your partner again, if that is the desired result. A major reason why women dump men can be avoided with a simple effort on your part to take pride in your appearance. Nothing makes a woman take notice of her man more than an effort to be well groomed or even just a slight change from your current look to indicate you are taking pride in your appearance, for her offcourse! Want some more red hot tips? For more detail about why women dump men and a complete, proven and comprehensive guide to rescuing a troubled or even finished relationship, for men and women


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