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September 2, 2008

Why Do Women Break Up With Men

Do you ever ask yourself the question, "Why do women break up with men?" Time and time again you will hear a man make the comment that his girlfriend or wife just broke up with him. And you'll question why, because he treated her fantastic and actually appeared to worship her. Did you ever hear that line "Nice guys finish last?" Well, there is a small amount of truth to that statement. Many adult females are not as self assured as they might be and any lady who is a little bit insecure will sometimes inquire why a really great guy would want her. So, if you appear to be head over heals in love with her, she will wonder what is wrong with you. Are all women like this? Nope, of course not! Many women have the self confidence to know what they want in a guy and they'll expect to be treated good or they'll get out of the relationship. But there are many women who tend to use the "grass is always greener" thought process. The finest guy for them is the guy just around a nook. So, what do you do if a woman breaks up with you for apparently no reason at all? The 1st thing you WON'T do is call her, text her or go visit her. She apparently took you for granted while you were together so let her have some time to miss you. Try not to act like you're desolate, but alternatively get back out in the world. Go out with acquaintances, go on dates if you like. Actually, dating is effective because you just might find a girl out there who has the self assurance to prize what you offer up. The real question you need to consider is if you genuinely want to be in a relationship with an insecure woman? Think about it. Is she genuinely worth it? If you absolutely think she's the one for you, then you need to give her a lot of time and space to grow up. Repairing a relationship is always possible if the trust is still there. It'squite likely that she'll call you if you haven't called her in awhile. Be friendly, but aloof. Don't share very much about your life. And don't inquire alot about hers. And cut the call short. The idea is to give her time to understand that you ARE the man of her pipe dreams. Basically, she's going to have to gain the right to have you for a boyfriend or lover. Let HER chase you, not the other way round. And if you ultimately let her get you, maintain a small of yourself back for a while. Remember, she's not sure what to do if you're genuinely nice, so don't give so much. Do I mean you should treat her bad? No way! Just keep a little more independent of her this time. If you truly want to save your relationship, these are the steps that can make it happen! <h1> </h1> If you'd like to learn more about Why Do Women Break Up With Men, please view the video on our website: Why Do Women Break Up With Men


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