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September 21, 2008

How to go about Online Dating

It's a technological world and even relationships have gone tech with more and more people going for online dating. Men and women who are busy at work all day and have their weekends full of chores are going online to get their dose of love and romance. Sites like, and more are providing men and women the opportunity to meet their soul mate online. However, it is not as easy as it seems. Online dating like any dating process is full of risks and potential disasters, even more so since profiles can be rigged and you do not know if the person you are corresponding with is actually who he or she claims to be. That is why there are certain procedures that you should follow if you consider online dating. First decide what you want out of online dating. Some people simply want the chance to talk to another person and they go online, create a profile, get matched and start correspondence. With no pressure to meet face to face they safely establish a relationship through chat and e-mail. This creates an outlet for their loneliness and is actually the first step to dating. Women are at times more interested in this step than men because they get to talk without any pressures. Decide where you want to go once you have established a conversational relationship. Once this stage of getting to know one another has been established, there will come the need to meet face to face. Always, meet in a public place and leave when there are people around you. Avoid being alone with your online date. Sure, you have been talking to them for months, days or weeks but the fact is there is always the potential danger of being taken in by a criminal mind. So for your own safety keep your personal details a secret for some time. Keep meeting in public places and once a measure of security is achieved you can start allowing your date into your life. The fact is online dating is more fun because most of it takes place online. Face to face confrontations for most people are awkward. You have to be confident, dressed properly, behave as per norms and have a certain decorum that has to be followed. This creates a wall between yourself and your date. Online dating takes away the norms. You are free to talk and be yourself without any of the awkwardness because you are not face to face with your date. You can vanish without a trace if the date is a flop and not have to worry about breaking up. There are online date etiquettes as well, but the first initial stage where you struggle to find something in common is crossed without many problems and from there it is smooth sailing. Kenji Sakamoto's online dating information directory offers variety of online dating strategies. Visit his website at Ebooks for Online Dating or Ebooks for Online Dating


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