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September 6, 2008

How to Get Ex Back - 5 steps to get your ex back

Love is beautiful, but when we lose the person which gives love its beauty, it really hurts. Many people who are desperate to get their ex back fail to do it without knowing exactly " How to get ex back ". That's the reason I decided to give short and crispy 5 steps to help you get your ex back. Justify: First you need to justify your need to get your ex back. Do you really want them because of love or is it just jealousness that your ex is with some other person. Do you and your lover really share something so intimate; it just hurts you on the inside. Take a paper and write all the reasons for "why you need your ex back". Only if all the reasons are honest and truthful, you should go to the next step. Analyze: Now, you have made sure that your desire to get back with your ex is only due to true love and not anything else. Think of all the reasons, why you and your lover broke off. Is it you cheating or any of your constant habits that eventually made the bond between you two fade off? List all the possible habits and reasons which would have caused the break up. Be honest, don't try to defend yourself. Be brutally honest and list all the problems. Work it out: Now, that you have listed all the problems, start taking action towards quitting that bad habit and change yourself into a new attractive person. This is the important step of all "how to get ex back" series. Don't just let procrastination fail you. Don't think that you can promise them that you will change and then try to change. That will never happen and how in the world will your ex believe you when you have not even shown some commitment to change yourself for him/her (your ex). This is also the toughest step, don't let that you down. Start acting for your true love. The Call: All this time, you should have never called your ex. You should never ask for your ex to get back with you. The moment you ask it, its only going to get tougher. "Hungry dog never gets fed" and "Desperate you will never get your ex back". It should have taken some time now for you to work out and abolish all those bad habits you had. Now you should only have the desire to get back your ex, but should NOT be desperate. If you are desperate, it will show in your voice and face. Wait until that desperate feeling wades away. During that time continue working on improving yourself and there will come a time when only the love exists and desperateness and instant gratification or long gone. Now is the time to make your call. The Meeting: Just ask your ex to come and join you for some coffee. Don't ever ask your ex to get back with you explicitly. If you have did your homework well and have improved yourself, that one thing alone will attract your ex to have you back, The key here is to make your ex feel that he/she wants you back. You should play the "I don't care" strategy and just be very friendly with your ex. Slowly, from there onwards you can rebuild your relationship and again don't be desperate and hurry to ask them for reconciliation. Slow and steady wins your ex back for you. However, all the steps I detailed above will give results only based on the kind of person you are, the level of commitment you can show into getting your ex back and the strength of your love. <h1> </h1> The trickiest part in the steps is "The Call" and "The Meeting". To have the best results, I recommend you to have a strategy and overall plan to get your ex back. Go here now and subscribe, if you wish to get access to the whole strategy to get your ex back behind these skeletal steps.


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