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September 15, 2008

Why Women Break Up With Men

Breaking up with your boyfriend is very hard thing to do, because no one wants to lose the one person they have loved. Guys will be shocked to find out why women decide to split up. If they notice the signs, they may be able to block it from happening if they are perceptive enough. Know that a woman needs a man to take the lead because it is the natural role of the man to take charge in the relationship. Many women will come off as dominant and opinionated but that is not her natural role in the scheme of things. The important thing is that women like to be protected and guided by a man. Most women need to be positive that their man has a strong backbone and an ability to make positive choices in life. Women will start to become uncertain about the future of their relationship if he does not exhibit any strong qualities and backbone in his personality. Some women will leave a man at this point, or some will start to look for other signs that he is not the man for them. Believe it or not, vulnerable and sensitive men are very attractive to women. This does not mean a guy needs to be a puny weakling who can't make decisions, but instead it means a guy is an understanding, helpful, and an powerful asset to his relationship with his lady. Any woman would be proud to be seen with a man that is sensitive. To always let her have her way shows a woman that you don't have a backbone. If you don't feel like you need to go out of your way to impress a woman and you are natural by being yourself, this is attractive. You can have a healthy balance between the two. If you as a man always agrees to your lady, you will find that she will not really respect you. Believe it or not, she likes to be swept off her feet with surprising little gifts and words of love at home or at work. Romantic gestures work wonders, with both men and women! Most women hate control freak men who think that they are susceptible to other men's propositions. Remember that your lady made the choice to be with you, not the other guy. Trust is the best gift you can give your lady, and by trusting you might just be saving your partnership together. Where are you most of the time? Let your lady know that you are thinking of her and need her especially if you are away on a business trip. There's nothing more touching for a lonely woman who misses her man to hear this, and your relationship will be in a very good place. Many men wonder why do women break up with guys. Read our reviews of the best ebooks online that will support you in why do women break up with guys back with you and help rebuild your relationship and keep it solid.


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