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August 2, 2008

Brides Are Crazy About Color In 2008

This year brides are crazy about color. From colored wedding gowns and headpieces to brightly colored wedding flowers, you can incorporate color creatively and elegantly without breaking your wedding planning budget. No sacrifices required. <b>Colored Wedding Dresses</b> The tradition of wearing white wedding dresses began with the wedding of Queen Victoria in 1840. Up until that time, brides simply wore their best dress. Only the social elite could afford to wear white. Colored bridal gowns are fashionable now and this gives you the opportunity to have a unique wedding. The most popular colors are yellow or silver this year. But if your skin tone is sallow, yellow will not be a good color choice for you. Jewel tones are also very popular and red is an especially good choice for sallow tones. Prefer a softer color? Pastel colored pink wedding gowns can also be very elegant choice, especially for an outdoor summer wedding. Can't decide which color is best for you? You could use several different colors for a rainbow effect. The bridal shops have been a bit slow to stock colored wedding dresses, and if you do manage to find them you can expect them to be a bit pricey. To save money, look for a beautiful evening gown in your color and in a style that flatters your figure. Department stores and online retailers may be better places to find what you are looking for. Once you have found the right dress, simply add a headpiece and accessories for a stunning look. <b>Add Color and Style to a Traditional White Wedding Dress</b> Have your heart set on the traditional white wedding dress? That's great, too. White is the symbol of joy and getting married is a joyous occasion. You can still add color and style without a fortune being spent. Another current trend is emphasizing the waist. Add a colorful sash at the waistline, or purchase ribbon or fabric rosettes from your local fabric or craft store and have them sewn on the dress at the waistline after the final fitting. The rosettes are very inexpensive and add an elegant touch to a simply designed gown. They come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. <b>Colored Headpieces</b> If you have chosen a colored wedding gown, you may be wondering what to do for a headpiece. You have many choices available to you. If your hair is long, you might consider wearing it up with flowers tucked in it, or a headband trimmed in pearls or rhinestones. You could wear a tiara or even a stylish hat. If you have a veil in mind, you might consider making one to match your dress. Tulle is available from your local fabric store and it is not only inexpensive, it comes in many colors. You can find everything you need for creating your own headpiece at your local fabric store including color-coordinated lace to attach to the edges. With even minimal sewing skill and a little imagination you can have a one-of-a-kind headpiece for not much money. Best of all, you can have the sense of accomplishment that comes from having made it yourself. <b>Adding Color With Wedding Accessories</b> Accessories do not necessarily need to include the traditional white pearls. You can use a matching necklace and earring set with colored gemstones. The key is to keep the design simple. Earrings should not be too long or dangle. The idea is to accentuate, and if your accessories are too bold they will detract from the overall look instead of accentuating your beauty. <b>Colorful Decorations and Floral Centerpieces</b> Take a walk through your local fabric or craft store and just look at the items that are available to you. This will help spark creativity and more ideas for incorporating color as you plan your wedding. You may also find other ways to save money when it comes to decorating for the wedding reception, creative ideas for floral centerpieces for the tables, and ways to add a personal touch to wedding favors for your guests. May your wedding be truly beautiful, enjoyable and remembered by your guests for many years to come! <h1> </h1> Glenna has been involved in virtually every aspect of the wedding industry from arranging flowers and DJing to officiating weddings and bridal consulting. Visit her website today at:


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A sewing professional can be a brides best friend when it comes to adding color to your wedding gown. If this is something you want to do... find a dressmaker and have her help you add a sash, ribbon or beading to your dress. She can also add things to your wedding dress accessories.

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