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August 30, 2008

Romantic Body Language Which Attracts Women

Body language is something that everyone uses, both purposefully and inadvertently, to gauge how much someone is interested in them. Many people fail to realize what they are doing themselves, however, when it comes to romantic body language. Being able to control your romantic body language and making sure that your body language is perfect can help you to make a great first impression on someone that you like. By following these simple romantic body language tips, you will be able to control your body language to give you the best results possible; in the process, you may also understand the body language of the person that you are talking to. #1- Stand Close, but not too Close Body language is important, and romantic body language relies heavily on how close you are too someone. It is possible, however, to get too close to someone, and ruin the romantic body language chemistry altogether. By checking yourself to make sure you are the right distance apart, you can make sure that you are giving off the correct romantic body language. There is a certain rule that is easy to follow; if you are more than an arm’s length apart, you are too far from someone. Being too far from someone gives off the vibe that you are uninterested. In that same light, know when you are too close. Personal space is important, so be sure to find the comfortable balance between too far and too close. Finding somewhere halfway between is always a good call when trying to give off romantic body language. #2- Copy Their Body Language to a Point Unconsciously, someone who is interested in another will copy their body language. By copying someone’s body language to a point, you can be sure to send signals of romantic body language without being rude. This does not mean that you should recreate every single gesture they make; this will be seen as rude. If you mimic small body language cues, however, such as an open body, the closeness, or smiling, you can show that you are as interested as they are. #3- Position your Body Toward Them There is nothing worse than trying to talk to the side of someone. By opening your body up to the person you are talking to, you are giving off romantic body language that can help the person to know that you are indeed interested in them. #4- Make Eye Contact, and Blink Often Making eye contact is easily one of the most romantic body language signals that exist. By making eye contact, you are making sure that they realize that you are into them, and that you are listening. By blinking often, you are giving off what is considered an unconscious romantic body language signal. If you want someone to know that you are into them without being blunt, romantic body language is the way to go. While many romantic body language signals are unconscious, you can use them, and be aware of them, to use them to your advantage. <h1> </h1> Want to learn 50 PROVEN WAYS for approaching, attracting and seducing women? If so, take a look at Scott Patterson's 50 PROVEN WAYS which provides 50 tips for instant dating success.


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