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August 7, 2008

If You Are Born With Poor Romance Luck,How You Can Improve It

In the previous article,you have learnt about the causes of good and bad romance luck.To summarize,to have good romance luck,your romance stars must represent your favorable elements.If your romance stars represent your unfavorable elements,then you are going to have trouble in your romance. In this article,you are going to learn how to overcome this problem,if you happen to be born with poor romance luck. To determine your romance stars,you need to know about your chinese zodiac sign.With your chinese zodiac sign,you will be able to know your 3 romance stars.Due to space constrain,I will only touch on the most important romance star,which is the marriage star.If you are single,I believe the marriage star is the most important to you,unless you are looking for flings. If you are looking for flings,I will share with you more about how to have more flings in another article.Meanwhile,I will show you how you can make your marriage star favorable.Let's look at the marriage stars for each of the 12 animals... Rat's marriage star is Rabbit,which represents Wood. Ox's marriage star is Tiger,which also represents Wood. Tiger's marriage star is Ox,which represents Wet Earth. Rabbit's marriage star is Rat,which represents Water. Dragon's marriage star is Pig,which also represents Water. Snake's marriage star is at Dog,which represents Hot Earth. Horse's marriage star is at Rooster,which represents Metal. Sheep's marriage star is at Monkey,which represents Metal. Monkey's marriage star is at Sheep,which represents Hot Earth. Rooster's marriage star is at Horse,which represents Fire. Dog's marriage star is at Snake,which also represents Fire. Pig's marriage star is at Dragon,which represents Wet Earth. Now,let's look at an example of how to use the above information.Using the Rat as an example.If you are sign is Rat,but you are born in Spring (a lot of Wood),your marriage star is unfavorable to you,as it represents rabbit (wood).On the other hand,if you are born in Autumn (a lot of Metal),your marriage star is favorable to you,as wood is your favorable element. Question now is if you are a Rat born in Spring,how can you change your marriage luck from bad to good?Since you already have a lot of Wood in your 8 characters,and your marriage star is also Wood,you need to increase the effect of Metal to counter the effects of the surplus Wood.You can increase the effect of Metal by wearing more jewellery. Right now,you must be wondering how to counter the effects of the elements of the marriage stars,if they are unfavorable to you.Don't worry,I will list everything out for you below. To counter Wood,increase the effect of Metal by wearing more jewellery and chain watches. To counter Water,increase the effect of Fire by wearing more red,purple,orange as well as carrying chilies or batteries with you. To counter Fire,increase the effect of Water by wearing more blue,black and carrying a water bottle with you. To counter Metal,increase the effect of Wood by wearing more green as well as carrying books or paper with you. To counter Hot Earth,increase the effect of Water and Metal as mentioned above. To counter Wet Earth,increase the effect of Wood and Metal as mentioned above. The next question you have is under what circumstances is the marriage star unfavorable to you? If you are born in the same month represented by the marriage star,it is unfavorable to you.Let me give you another example,if you are born in Ox year,Tiger month,your marriage star is unfavorable to you. Next,I will list out for you the periods of the different months.Then you can easily determine which month you are born in. Tiger month,3rd February to 5th March Rabbit month,6th March to 4th April Dragon month,5th April to 5th May Snake month,6th May to 6th June Horse month,7th June to 6th July Sheep month,7th July to 7th August Monkey month,8th August to 7th September Rooster month,8th September to 7th October Dog month,8th October to 7th November Pig month,8th November to 7th December Rat month,8th December to 5th January of the following year Ox month,6th January to 3rd February With this information in your hands,you can easily change bad romance luck into good romance luck.All the best in your romance.Next article,I shall share with you about one night stands and flings. <h1> </h1> Marco Chong is an expert in Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and Indian Numerology. He specializes in using the different types of astrology to analyze love compatibility.His recent project aims to help individuals who are seeking romance create their own romance luck. Visit his website at


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