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August 20, 2008

Stop using PUA routines to seduce women

One of things that really enhance my game and made me a much more successful PUA was when I stopped using canned material and routines, and started to try and be natural in my pick up. I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions that I've made on my quest to seduce women. When I started to learn about how to get hot women into my life I was studying a lot of canned material, including openers and routines, which are widely taught in the PUA community. Like a lot of people learning this stuff I found that I didn't have a lot to say after I'd run out of routines, and I struggled to compete with better looking people. This was what motivated me to depart from routines, and to try and become a more natural pick up artist. Any pick up artist whose game is based solely around rehearsed material is going to be limited in his abilities to seduce women. You're not going to be the real you, and you'll loose attraction as soon as she gets to know you better. However, if you work on improving yourself, and being more fun, interesting, confident and humorous, all of which can be learned, then you will be able to neutralize other people's good looks, and you'll stand just as much chance of being able to get hot women as any good looking guy. When trying to seduce women, you're going to be much more successful if you don't rely on traditional PUA routines, as you'll be talking about a lot of things which didn't actually happen to you and don't relate to you, making it much harder to make a connection with a girl. If you try and become an interesting pick up artist, and be more interesting and fun, you'll start getting invited out to parties by both girls and guys, as you'll be a fun person with good energy, who people want around. Remember that looks get old. Imagine if you were with a hot girl who had no personality, and you found her to be really boring. You probably wouldn't want to be with her for that long as she would bore you and her looks can only attract you for so long. After a while you need to be able to be attracted to someone's personality, and to want to be around them all the time, because of how they make you feel about yourself. It's what's known as 'emotional attraction'. A really good PUA doesn't seduce women by using canned routines and material. A really good pick up artist has such a positive energy around him, which makes people attracted to him. If you want to get hot women, and hold on to them, then start improving yourself with improvisation classes, stand up comedy etc. There are many things that you can do to actually make yourself more attractive and therefore more like to get hot women! <h1> </h1> Jamie Meeka is a key player in the Bristol pick up community. Once unsuccessful with women, Jamie discovered the game and decided that he wanted to dedicate his life to seducing women, and is now rated as one of the premier pick up artists in the UK.


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