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August 27, 2008

How To Respond When Dating Disasters Strike

We would all like to have a perfect date, and we will do anything to make that moment special. We may even try to impress our dates with our confident look and our signature clothes. As a result of arduous preparation we have developed a plan. But in many cases we are dumbfounded when the moment of truth arrives. The date we were expecting to be perfect became disastrous. So where did things go wrong? As much as we prepared for that special moment, we may have missed out some important details somewhere along the line. And one of those questions we should have asked ourselves is what should we do when disaster strikes. The first obstacle to a successful date is the gadget. You have prepared your speeches. Yet all these words fall on deaf ears. Apparently your date has his or her mind fixed on the mobile phone or PDA. Now you are not sure whether your date is trying to impress you with his or her wielding power and influence back in the office or just simply waiting for an important call or e-mail. Either way, it really is annoying knowing that your date had the slightest idea of the things you are saying. So you better make a move or that PDA will ruin your night. You should ask your date if they are waiting for something important. Your date will get the hint. However, if at that point your date simply would not put the PDA away, then it's time for you to end the date. It's not worth continuing. Now here's a big disaster. You ordered a red wine. The waiter poured in some to your glass. Trying to impress your date, you try to lift your glass against the light and shake it a bit to oxidize the wine. But an ample amount spilled over your white shirt as you were about to take a sip. What a faux pas! All the previous hard work was destroyed by showing off. So how can you escape from that mishap? Are you going to rant about it all night and in the process start irritating your date? You can always put some humor into it. Lines such as "I did what I had to do because I didn't want to get too drunk on our first date," will put a smile on your date's face. Remember that everyone can make mistake, even your date knows that. Speaking of wines, there will come a point when you will feel very comfortable. You crack a joke, tell a good story and drink more wine. You and your date are having a good time so you totally forgot that you drank more than you can handle. You start to get tipsy, yet you don't want to spoil such a good night. You try to act normal but barely doing it. It may take you a few minutes to recover so you must stop drinking. It is also good to admit to your date that you had one too many glasses of wine. He or she would have noticed it anyway. <h1> </h1> Marvin Perry is the founder of, as an avid athlete Marvin decided to create a dating site for athletes you can join at: =>


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