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June 4, 2008

Dating Fear & Handling It

Dating Fear & Handling It Every guy will have the fear of dating. Whether he is a green bird or an old hand. If is just the method of handling it. The more experienced ones will be able to handle it better, not because the are good because there have gone through the stage of the GREEN BIRD ORIENTATION. So nothing to be shy if you fall into the catalogues of the green bird. Who create dating fear? The God, the Mother Earth or you, the answer is YOU. Fears arise when you do not have confident in yourself. So to overcome this problem you must know what is you fear. Understand it, overcome it and confident will build up. If you think you are not good looking enough than improve it. Good looking is not just about the good features the guy has. Some are bless with it but not lot of others. You just need to work on those areas that are possible in improving your look as a whole presentation. Examples like having a neat hair cut, dress neatly and smartly always and going for facial treatment to improve you skin, etc. All this will help you in looking better and you will have more confident once you feel good about yourself. Not all women like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt! Looks is just a part of a woman selection of the guy. When you go on the date, you see your date and then your mind go blank and just cannot think of anything to say, how. You must be prepare before you go for the date. Do some homework, so that you have topic to talk just in case the whole date outing become icy cold. If you are going to a French restaurant for dinner, have some information about the restaurant or the food, so that you will have topic to start with to break the ice. With the starting of the conversation, more topic will come along the way. Outing must be relax and fun. If you cannot relax, than you may not perform at your best. Do not think the date as - this time she must be the one. Too much pressure will screw the whole outing. Try thinking it as an outing with your friend, talk naturally, smile freely and crack some stupid jokes, just enjoy the outing. She probably feels as tense up as you. If you can be yourself, loose and relax than she will probably be able to do so too. Then you have make a success in this outing because you make her enjoy the outing with you. Please visit to view more articles and get more tips and information on dating woman, how to date any woman easily with ease, Only using 15 WORDS to get the woman, Unlock the heart & bedroom of the most beautiful girl.


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