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June 7, 2008

Techniques To Attract A Girl

<span class="cap">S</span>ome men seem to have all the luck in attracting the women they want. For most other men, trying to attract the woman you like can be an everyday struggle. How can ordinary people like you and me succeed in this area? The first thing you need to understand is that attraction is not a choice but a response! Attraction is a powerful emotional and physical response. When it comes to attraction between a man and a woman, logic has no place to play a part because the emotions take over completely. Now that we are clear on what exactly is attraction, we now talk about techniques to attract a girl. Having read and personally tested so countless methods to attract ladies, it would be really good to sum the best ones right here. Before we go into that, let’s talk about one fatal mistake most men commit. They tell a girl (who is not attracted to them) about their feelings and expect the girl to reciprocate. What do you expect the girl to say? If she doesn’t have any attraction for you at the time you confess your feelings, you can be sure that you have killed off all your chances with the girl. You need to create that attraction in her first before you do anything of that sort. Here are some ways to make yourself more attractive to women: 1) Be Confident Be confident always! What I mean is be secure with who you are as a person, as a man. Once you feel confident with yourself, you will automatically be natural rather than trying to be like someone else. Being natural is a very powerful attraction factor in a man! It does not matter if you are physically unattractive, short, fat, bald or broke. 2) Backbone Have a backbone! Do not go begging or displaying any signs that you are desperate! Desperation drives women away, faster than you can even think or imagine. 3) Tease Teasing and flirting in a clever and witty manner will show yourself as not just an interesting and witty man but your confidence will show naturally. Women love this and they will be naturally attracted to you. So be naughty, not nice because in dating, nice guys do finish last. 4) Programming The type of programming I’m referring to has nothing to do with software. It is a science known as Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP for short. It is an interesting topic which covers different ways of improving the quality of your communication. Remember, teasing and flirting is nothing but communication, a sexual-charged type of communication. Some techniques in NLP will do you good. 5) Eye Contact Maintain eye contact when talking to a woman. Eye contact only shows that you are focused on her and not distracted by the surroundings. This kind of undivided attention is what women love but do not get enough of. You know what to do, just give her the attention she deserves. Eye contact is also a show of your confidence, so the longer you can hold it, the better she will respond to you. These simple ideas will cut down the time you take to build solid rapport with a woman and create that attraction in them. Michael Dat specialises in dating techniques for men. Learn advanced techniques on how to re-attract a girl. Visit for more dating and seduction tips.


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