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June 21, 2008

Dating is in the numbers

So you say that you’ve tried it all from blind dates to online dating and still nothing has worked? I say that’s rubbish! The first rule of thumb is that dating is a numbers game. The Rule of Averages can be applied to dating in that the more people you contact the better the chances of finding a mate. So if you contact 100 people you are more likely to find someone to date versus just contacting 10 people. Speed Dating is the perfect place to meet many people in a short period of time. Speed Dating is actually a relatively new concept. The practice was actually first introduced as a way for Jewish individuals to meet one another in 1998. The first Speed Date event was hosted by Rabbi Yaacov Deyo of Aish HaTorah at Pete’s Café in Beverley Hills. The concept became widely known on an episode of Sex and the City in 2000. Today speed dating is practiced all over the world and is responsible for many successful marriages. The concept of speed dating is simple. An organization hosts an event for 50-100 people at restaurant or place with large accommodations. Registered daters fill out a biography and what they are looking for prior to the event. At the event daters have between 3-8 minutes to go on a mini date. After the time has expired the daters switch spots and move on to the next date. After the event is over (usually multiple hours) daters fill out ratings cards and rate each of their dates. If both daters feel there is a match then contact information is released to both parties. A scientific study on speed dating concluded that first impressions were made within 3 seconds of meeting someone. So making an excellent first impression is crucial to success. The chances of being selected on average were 34% for men and 49% for women. Those numbers are pretty good considering in one evening you might meet 50 different people. In one night, guys will get 17 phone numbers and gals will get 24.5 phone numbers. Not bad for a few hours of your time. Tips for a successful Speed Date 1. Dress Nice- Show up looking classy. Not like a bum for the guys and not like a sorority girl for the women. Hold off on strong cologne or perfume as well. 2. Have Something to Talk About- It’s pretty much true that we are all very boring. On a date faking it priority number one. Before the date prepare some topics of conversation in your head. Travel, Goals, Music, Movies are all good topics. The best thing to do is ask a lot of questions and follow up questions. People generally love to talk about themselves. 3. Be Playful- Flirting usually requires a good deal of teasing. For some reason the old playground rules of youth still apply. Chasing girls is good just make sure you don’t push it too far. 4. Remember It’s a Numbers Game- You will bomb on some dates. It’s okay because there are plenty of daters out there. Jim Mackey helps you find the right online dating service.If you want to know more about free dating,dating reviews,internet dating,speed date,dating service,match maker you can visit speed date


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