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June 19, 2008

Turning Every Situation into a Potential Pickup

Have you ever thought about what might separate you from the guys who are really good with women? Right now you might be thinking to yourself something like "yeah, things like looks, money, a fast car". But if you are, you would be wrong. Some of the guys I know who are amazing with women look average, don't have much money, and drive really messed up cars. One of them drives a white utility van with all kinds of random tools in it and he picks up women in it. OK, let's back off and let me ask you a more general question, what makes anyone better than anyone else at ANYTHING? You could say that the answer is talent, and I wouldn't argue much with you there. Some people just seem to have more talent than others in certain areas, whether its math, music, sports, etc. But there is something that if done often enough, can even beat most of the naturally talented people at their own game. ...Something that will set apart one person from another even if they have the same amount of talent. And that one thing is simply PRACTICE. All other things being equal, the person who practices longer and harder than anyone else becomes the best at what they do. You may not have ever really thought about the process of meeting and picking up women as something you might practice doing. If you are like most men, you certainly think a lot about going out to where women are and hoping things will somehow happen. If you are like I used to be, you go there, see them, and leave without talking to them. You probably don't go out with the intention of PRACTICING meeting women. But you should, from now on! The guys who seem "naturally" good with women are usually that way because they grew up always interacting with women much more than the average guy for whatever circumstantial reason. So while they also didn't really think about it as being practice, that is EXACTLY what they were getting. I guarantee you that if we did an experiment where you took 100 men and raised them to have no interactions with women then suddenly introduced them to women, NONE of them would be naturally good on that first crazy encounter with the opposite sex. OK, forget hypothetical situations for a second and let's look at real life. You see, one thing I have noticed about some of the most successful guys with women is that they are just about ALWAYS trying to pick up women. In a lot of cases, they may not even really intend to follow through with these women, they view it sort of as a fun game. I have seen these guys even flirt with women who are old, unattractive, and otherwise not women most men would show any interest to. I used to wonder why, but there are two reasons. For one, it can actually be fun, if done right. Second, and more importantly, it's great PRACTICE! So the point is that you should turn any situation in which you interact with a woman into a potential pickup. You may not intend to follow through, but the more you practice, the more likely you would have the OPTION to follow through. This means that if you go to an eye appointment, you flirt with the receptionist, maybe even get her phone number. If you are buying groceries and the person ringing up your items is a woman, you try to get her interested in you. As long as you have some time, and other than the usual fear of approaching you have no "legitimate" thing holding you back, then make it a point to get some practice in. If you need help getting ideas and seeing this done in a variety of situations like walking down the street, seeing a woman in a park or a bookstore, etc., be sure to drop any other plans you had for the next 3 minutes and get yourself a copy of "The Art of the Pickup" DVDs. I'm off to go practice, see you next time! Ray Devans From Jay Valens and Ray Devans, the producers of, comes the next evolution in pickup and seduction training The Art of the Pickup DVDs, found at With these interactive DVDs, you'll learn by seeing and hearing, and not just by reading. Articles are copyright


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