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June 11, 2008

How To Win A Russian Ladies Heart

Russian Brides? As with so much in life this well known phrase has circumnavigated the planet. Unfortunately for many people it is associated negatively, which I guess is hardly surprising. The reality behind this phrase is in fact something quite different and this article will I hope go some way to explaining how these ladies view both life and the World and what in fact they hope and strive for. It is very clear that the beauty of women from FSU countries is now well known across the World. I see on a daily basis the flow of interest of men from all over the planet, during the course of work at my Ukraine based Dating Agency. What is clear is that many men have not fully considered the implications of romancing a woman across 1,000,s of klm,s. This is not the girl next door, or even from the same town, or country. Really we receive letters for our ladies, sometimes two lines," I saw your photo, I love you, will you marry me". No, to be sure, any lady within the same city, or country as the guy sending this letter would I am sure feel both flattered and pleased. We all like to feel appreciated and attractive, yes. The truth is that when one of our ladies receives such a letter, she is not to impressed. As I have mentioned these are smart, pragmatic and practical ladies and receiving such a letter from maybe 12,000.00 klm,s away, or even more can be a little frustrating. There can be no denying that trying for a Russian, or Ukrainian lady will entail far more effort, determination and expense than say, romancing the girl next door, or from your city, or country, but the big question is for sure, is it worthwhile? Knowing what I now know the answer must be an unreserved yes. Any man that checks out the facts and attributes of these ladies will I am sure agree. Ok I could be biased, right? I must confess my lack of partiality. I run a Russian,Ukrainian dating agency. Well in truth I am very partial and have much admiration for these ladies. I will attempt to explain why I believe that trying to win the heart of one of these ladies is worthwhile, despite the problems of distance and language? Well the list of attractions and attributes that many of these ladies share is quite substantial, so here goes....... These ladies are in general very smart and very intelligent as well as being either beautiful, or very beautiful. These ladies are very often clear and sure of what they want to achieve and maybe more importantly they are very positive and detirmined in their intentions of achieving it. Registering to an International Dating agency is only part of their life plan. The vast majority of the ladies registered to my site are either studying to gain a university degree, or have obtained one. It is in general regarded as essential amongst these ladies to achieve the highest standard of education attainable. It is important to understand that in general these ladies are not desperate to leave their home country? In general no, but the important thing to understand is that they are open to the possibility. As I have previously mentioned, meeting a suitable man and creating a family is a high priority for these ladies. It is only due to the problems and difficulties in achieving this within their own country that tempts them to seek a man from beyond their borders. How to describe these ladies? The beauty so many of them share is clear, but now I will try to describe their deeper qualities? These are in general proud and strong ladies. They know they are beautiful and they know they are very attractive. Equally they have few inhibitions in dressing to accentuate their beauty and attractiveness. For the foriegn man it is quite a pleasant surprise to see how much care they take over their appearance. Beauty saloons are a thriving business here and many ladies will visit one regularly to ensure that she looks her best. Equally they take enormous care and pride in their appearance and dress both very well and in such a way as to highlight their femininity. The take these ladies have in the gender stakes is interestingly very different to those held by ladies in the West. The women of the FSU have effectively empowered themselves within their femininity and are very comfortable within themselves. It is interesting that this attitude, or evolution seems to have given them greater respect, or empowerment within their countries, than Women have achieved in the West. Now in addition to all of the above these ladies can make ideal wives, why? It is related to the moral and family values that they have been surrounded with and immersed within. The family is very important in the FSU and these ladies will generally put the family first and above all else. It is said that for these reasons Slavic women make the best of wives. Through working with Russian & Ukrainian ladies on a daily basis Terrence Aubrey has gained valuable insight into how they see life. He has written many articles explaining the distinctions, attractions and qualities these ladies share. Learn more at:-


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