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June 15, 2008

Is There True Love?

<b>Is There True Love?</b> Thank you for taking the time to read "Is There True Love?" I hope that it touches your heart and rings true. To read more articles on true love and other dating advice, please visit my site. It's the question on the minds of not just the young, but the old as well. At least once in our lives, we have thought to ourselves "is there true love, and will I find it?" The desire to be loved unconditionally, without hesitation, to be "one" with the guy or girl of our dreams, is one of our dreams. And for those of us who have married or are engaged, even while we go deeper thoughts creep in "is he the one" I was supposed to marry, "is he the one" I really want to spend the rest of my life with. Are they you're true love? Is there true love? Well, what is love? Do you see it as a feeling, as something that the heart recognizes and agrees with you about? What is love? Love has been defined in many ways. It has been defined as a feeling, as something that is good, as an action, a choice; Love has been described as "a friendship set on fire," the "master key that unlocks happiness," and "an act of endless forgiveness." Love is what you choose love to be. What do I mean by that? Let's say that love is a scale, it starts with zero and it tops off at ten. Love can fluctuate in-between here, zero being nothing and ten being an unconditional love, or true love. What ever we may choose for whatever relationship we are in, our choices reflect the numbers in the love scale. We can choose to not love at all, to loving a little, to truly loving someone. Is there true love? Yes! Except it is a choice, our choice, my choice, and your choice to make. We choose to love because we care about the person, want the best for them, or because we believe that love is good - loving is good. On the flip-side, we can choose not to love because we are filled with anger, hate, or a vengeance desire. The point, more important than the reason, is that we make the choice; it's not based on luck nor our own feelings. This is because our feelings do not control us; they are an indicator perhaps of if we've been wronged, or if someone is being loving to us. Then again, feelings don't necessarily have to come from what others do to us, but also from what we think. I think he wronged me, or I think she wronged me, so I will CHOOSE not to love them, because my feelings say so. Except, what you "think" may be wrong, then your feelings and choices that followed would have also been wrong. True love is real, and yes you can find it. Start by working on yourself. And this applies double if you are a person in a marriage or engaged to be married. Love will start with you giving it, making the choices to let it affect the one you love. If you plant seeds of love, let it be nourished - even in bad soil - by love, then love has a good chance of growing in and then out of the person. Love is a choice, and to love truly is a hard choice to make. I hope that you see that true love is real, that it is a choice and is not based on luck, or chance. It is not based on our own feelings, whether right or wrong. It can only be given through choice, your choice, and my choice. Let's choose together to love, to show those around us that true love exists, is real, and is needed in our relationships. God bless, Ikaika Mossman <h1> </h1> I enjoy writing articles on relationships, dating, and life. To give and help those who desire change and help in the area of life gives me joy.


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