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June 22, 2008

How to Attract Women - Secrets Revealed by a Pickup Artist

1. Social Circle:This is the key because this is the lifestyle of a natural alpha man who is naturally comfortable being in the social light and embraces it. This is also where he can meet more people including chicks and cool guys to hang out with. 2. Pick Up Skill/GameYour skill in picking up chicks (your Game) can actually be learned from practicing. It may seem impossible in the beginning but you can actually start from nowhere to somewhere as I have witnessed in my own life. So you CAN do this. That's an important key to know because from confidence comes competence. I clearly think the number one key that differentiates men who are good from women and who are not great with women comes down to having charisma or not. Take a look alpha guys who are not necessarily great looking. They know exactly how to create fun conversations literally through their charming energy. The techniques will soon not matter anymore because again, this become so internal and it becomes very harder to fixate/focus on 1 line instead ofgoing with the flow. 3. Pickup Knowledge and Creative IntelligenceYou must know what works and what doesn't and apply it to your life. I think that is being creatively intelligent. So if you practice only one method, I suggest try other methods to see if it helps you or not. If it doesn't, try other methods until you start to notice what is working and what is not...keep trying a lot of different methods because if you do, it's more fun too...have the attitude this is a game and you are the ONLY guy in the block who has the game manual to win...and in a way, we all do here... 4. Sexual ExperienceThe key to experience is going out in the field for awhile to ultimately get laid. After you have been going out consistently and intensely, you will no longer need the "crash and burn" experiences but should focus on few SOLID targets. Also, getting laid will help you get laid more in the future because you become more comfortable and accept more of your sexual nature and the passion will be released like some chicks starting to resist sex but afterwards, they start wanting to get laid all the time. Again, have responsibility and play the game in the field. 5. Persistence/Dedicated AttitudeThe key to success in any field of life is to have persistence and dedication. It might take you less than a year to really get this and start reaching success easily. Or it can take you even longer because you are starting from absolutely no skills. It doesn't matter just like the turtle and bunny story because dedicated persistence beats temporary skill. However, persistence is not EVERYTHING because pickup is not a life. IMO, pickup is just a fun game and not to be taken TOO seriously because it can be way too much drama. 6. Have several Hobbies/Passions (Adventurous Fun Lifestyle) other than just PU.This key is for guys like me who have gotten to the point where pickup ruled our lives. The point of studying pickup in the first place was to get girls and get laid EASILY & NATURALLY. This doesn't have to happen because I noticed it just caused more cycles of stress and anxiety. When you feel too overwhelmed from all this, take a break and take a different hobby intensely for a short period of time. Find a new hobby or re-focus on other hobbies/interests of yours. It can be anything. I took some time to start martial arts again and studying music. So go out there and start improving these 6 areas in your life and you will start to attract women into your life like a true alpha male. <h1> </h1> Discover how to become an alpha male who can pick up, attract, & seduce women for REAL! Sign up right now for Bruce Min's FREE online newsletter to find out how to attract women - Go here:


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