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June 13, 2008

Flirting Tips for Teenagers: Worry-Free Flirting Techniques

This article reveals some great flirting tips for teenagers. You're probably aware that flirting is a part of a teen's exploration of adolescent life. Adolescence is a time of learning social skills, exploring friendships, and testing your boundaries. While flirtation and sexual experimentation is considered normal in the teen years, there are cases when modesty is best, and would even make flirtation more enjoyable. The end point of flirtation is to get to know the opposite sex, and to understand what exactly you would want in a mate. Though teens rarely think of marriage when they flirt, as you'd grow older, you would understand the reason why you should always act with the thought of the consequences of your actions in mind. Ten years from now, it won't matter that your husband or your wife is a hottie. It would matter more if he or she cared about you to the point of sticking out through the tough times with you. With that, we bring you flirting tips for teenagers. Flirting tips for teenagers has a lot to do with caution just as much as it has a lot to do with technique. Understand that you are enflaming someone's emotions in this aspect. If done right, flirting can help you get to know a member of the opposite sex, and it could lead to a rewarding relationship. On the other hand, if left without control and if done without wisdom, flirtation would only lead to broken hearts, possibly an unwanted pregnancy and a miserable life. <b>Flirting Tip # 1: Less is more.</b> While the trend nowadays is to be blatant about your feelings, to go over-the-top with the body language, there is a virtue to giving subtle signals instead. Whether it's a friendly look, a warm smile, a nice gesture like giving her a sheet of facial tissues when she sneezes, or letting him have a sheet of schedules for the classes you have in common (if he doesn't have them yet), let the other person know that you care and are interested. These may be old school, but these actions do send the "I want to get to know you better," message across in a sweet way. <b>Flirting Tip # 2: Keep in mind that a heart is at stake.</b> There are times when teens like the feeling of being liked too much that they show a seemingly intense interest, only to dump the person later. This is one of the vital flirting tips for teenagers that you should be alert on. Beware of letting actions like these turn the tables on you. Some young women have been plagued by stalkers because of playing with a man's emotions, while young men have been plagued with stalker ex-girlfriends who even harass the current girlfriends. Beware of hurting another; you might be spurring a psycho into action. <b>Flirting Tip # 3: Moderation is key.</b> Even though your emotions are running afire and you're enjoying the intensity, keep in mind that there are still so many people out there for you to meet. Commitment is a serious business, and breaking it off breaks hearts and even destroys lives. On the other hand, if you do follow through to marriage with it and you married the wrong guy/gal, you'll surely be stuck with a headache ten years down the line. Keep the brakes on, especially when you're having fun. On the whole, there is only so much wisdom that adults can teach teenagers. What they say is true: experience is the best teacher. If you're not convinced that learning from articles like these is the way to go, then learn from living and loving. And when you survive, maybe then you can make your own flirting tips for teenagers. Enjoy life in a wholesome way; keep the brakes on! <h1> </h1> Discover how you can mesmerize the opposite sex with flirting body language and by using conversational hypnosis techniques. Grab your FREE course that reveals 10 groundbreaking persuasion secrets at


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